Creativity and imagination was always encouraged in my family. I grew up in Jackson, Michigan where my mother would give my sister and I art project to do during the summer. Once in high school, I focused on art as my future career.


In 2006 I graduated from Lumen Christi High School and was immediately accepted into the Art & Design program at Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I was completely absorbed into all art forms, then I took a jewelry making class. That class brought me back to growing up. It was then I realized that I had made so many different kinds of jewelry the whole time I was growing up and my obsession started. My professors told me I had a natural talent for metalsmithing and encouraged me to make as many projects as I could. I started taking tumbled stones of my friends and mine, and wire-wrap them to turn them into pendants in my spare time. That’s when Angel Jewelry really started.


I became so infatuated with jewelry making that I found a summer internship with a metalsmith named Tavia Brown down in Charlottesville, Virginia my last summer of college. She was a part of Malleable Studios and was one of three metalsmiths and a mixed media artist. I watched her run her own business while being a mother of two and helping her husband, Ed, run his own business. The dynamic of everyone in that studio was invigorating and got me hooked, I knew I had to be a part of a group like this after college and continue my own business.


Finally in 2010 I graduated with my BFA and immediately moved down to Charlottesville. A spot had opened up at Malleable Studios and I jumped on it. I was a part of that studio for 3 years, all while we grew from 5 artists to 7, moved the whole studio to another location, and watch everyone, including my own, businesses flourish and grow. My business had made its way to a few arts and craft shows a year and I became an active member of Piedmont Council for the Arts.


In 2013 I relocated back to my old stomping grounds of Grand Rapids, Michigan and immediately became a member of Avenue for the Arts. I am slowly getting back to the pace I had in Charlottesville and continue to look forward to the future of Angel Jewelry.